Dear clients,


the clinic aestea is closed due to the holiday from 21th December 2018 till 1st January 2019. We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


aestea team


Dear clients,


we wish you a Happy New year.


aestea team


Our youtube channel

You can follow our youtube channel on Dr. Jiri Solc speaks among others about breast  or eyelid correction with the pinch technique.


Vera Vlasata, June 17th 2014

Promotional video of the clinic

There is one new video on youtube which shows you the office of Dr. Solc, boarding house as well the operating room. You can see there also a lot of pre- and post operating pictures, see


Vera Vlasata, 10th April 2014

aestea on youtube

You can find more our videos on youtube now. The first video is a report about fat transfer,  the second one is about micro polyurethan coated implants. Please see


Vera Vlasata, 13th March 2014

Interview with Dr. Solc

Dr. Solc speaks about silicon implants and the micro-polyurethan coated implants and their advantages and disadvantages. You can find the Czech version of the interview here: .


Vera Vlasata, 10th December 2013

aestea on facebook

We would like to announce that you can find the presentation of the clinic aestea on facebook. You can visit us on


Vera Vlasata, 15th October  2013

The new website

In September 2013, we have launched the Englisch version of our website .


Vera Vlasata, 12th September  2013

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